Interactive Study Academy for Kids

International distance school of intellectual and creative development

· The work that brings results and creates new opportunities and new moments of joy, inspiring in the child to further explorations in the field of knowledge.

· The research in the field of child development proves the need for new approaches in the system of knowledge accumulation and the creation of new educational materials.

· Physiological peculiarities of the children’s development; the process of discovering the environment; intellectual and creative development through metaforms.

· Understanding and learning – accessible and comprehensible.

· The main course includes lessons divided into three difficulty levels and all necessary materials.

1. To inspire the child’s love to study and learn.

2. To discover the child’s inner potential.

3. To reveal the creative side of the child.

4. To reach new heights in the development of creative intelligence.

5. Easy visualization.

6. To contribute to the child’s personality development.

7. Oportunity of distance learning.

Learning letters and numbers by association and visualization through the process of creation.

The study of letters and numbers, words, sentences, math problems with the help of our solution, turns into a fun, yet result-oriented activity. But turning a lesson into an interactive game makes the learning process easy both for teachers and students.

The final result

By using the means provided, children excel in the skills of painting and modeling. Through the process of examination and perception, children acquire new knowledge.


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Founder and CEO - Veaceslav Casu